Thursday, October 8, 2015

My fetish for scaling Everest

Everest as seen from the window I sat during my MT Flight

Scaling Everest can cost a fortune or even a life and that is what ignites my passion to summit the world`s highest mountain. In every step there is danger , waiting for the right moment to violently shake you from the feet down and swallow you into its deep crevasse or maybe put you to sleep under its massive blanket of snow and if you are lucky , altitude sickness, hypothermia. When you get caught in these, death is inevitable.

Top of everest as seen from the cockpit
I am pretty sure that this alacrity to climb the Everest did not engendered because I watched the Everest movie. I had a dream to summit it before that but after my first solo trek.

MT everest covered with clouds
I did a lot of research on Everest and the results were astounding. If we push our body beyond its limit, we end either die trying or we make a history. There are many fatalities around the year trying to scale Everest but still people risk their life to climb it because they know that whatever maybe the consequences the risk is worth it and I feel the same too. 2013 avalanche was a deadly one as it killed many Sherpas and sadly among them was a father of one of the girl I knew from my high school.
With the blistering cold temperature and fierce wind to just make it worse, the summit may seem impossible. At these altitude the weather changes in a fickle.
Standing 8848m above , you can realize how tiny you are and how cosmic the space outside the earth is. I probably bet, I will mistake the view from summit analogous to heaven.  I wonder how the sky will look from there. Will there be any clouds above than us? How will Mt Kangchenjunga look, piercing the benevolent looking clouds, that looks as if they will cushion the fall.

Climbing Everest is definitely on my wish list and I am really hoping to do it when I am 30.